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Yesterday, we visited a store name Slice of Heaven at Grand Indonesia. It is not a newly open store, but finally we make it to go there. As that day is the last day of EATJKT2015 Event by Qraved, we finally ordered one package of it for just 125K. Yeah, EATJKT2015 was over, but you may order this delicious dishes at Slice of Heaven if you pay a visit here.

Oh ya, for your information, Slice of Heaven is a restaurant that serves you Italian-Japanese food. As I am an Italian food lover and Ryan is Japanese, we expect something good here.

The interior is really cosy. with Sofa and some displays, it feels like home. 

Pork Bacon Wrap (IDR 95* for 10 pcs)
Grilled Pork Wrapped with Bacon

Because of the package, we just get five of it. But I guess it enough and reasonable with the taste it self.

They have a good seasoning and not oily at all. Even though some of the pork are too tough, but it still chew-able (forgive my languange). It is the real slice of heaven.

Tofu-Beef Cheese (IDR 85*)
oven baked Tofu and minced beef and served with melt cheese

We are cheese lovers and we really expect this food will be the delicious food.

In fact, this dish was really G-R-E-A-T. It has a large portion (we can share it for two) and it also have a generous portion of cheese.

There is the tomato based sauce. Taste like bolognese but not sure what is the real sauce is.

Shiratama Ice (IDR 65*)
With green tea syrup, shiratama and slice of fruit

For the dessert, they served us Shiratama ice. Shiratama Ice is popular nowadays.

In this restaurant, this shiratama ice was served with vanilla ice cream and green tea syrup also a slice of fruit. I never eat a shiratama with fruit before and I must say it is really great!

It will not make you nauseated after eat so many fat like cheese or pork bacon. It was really refreshing.

Heaven Breeze (IDR 55*)
Strawberry Fruit, peach, markisa and orange juice, vanilla Syrup and passion syrup

The drink that was served is Heaven Breeze. As this is also reccomended at other site, I do believe that this drink is great.

Again, this drink was not make me nauseated but it make me feel refresh.

I love all of their dishes and it really slice of heaven!

I mean, yeah, all of them was great! Keep it up, buddy!

Slice of Heaven
Grand Indonesia Mall, Lv 5 West Mall,
Jl. MH Thamrin

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