You might be seeing our post about Matchafuku every single week as its place is really near our place. NAH! How about Meaters, a steak restaurant below Matchafuku?

I frequently hang out there with my family (usually I order the sirloin steak one) and sometimes if my mom was not cooking at a day, she always go there to buy me their Honey Baby Back Ribs (MY FAMILY ARE THE DIE HARD FANS OF IT).

Unfortunately, Ryan has never visit them because of time and  distance as he just go to Cengkareng Area to pick me up or send me home in the evening, He prefer to eat something fast and quick every single visit.

This holiday, we have a chance to try Meaters (Finally!) and also meet with the owners (who also own Matchafuku).

BOO YAA! So here we go with its menu!

Nachos Supreme – IDR 30*

Here come the legendary Nachos because everybody talks about this nachos tho’.

This Nachos was coverd with tomato based sauce, minced beef and cheese. A generous sauce, beef and cheese is the really plus point for them. As we know, some of restaurant who serves nachos are only give a little bit of sauce and so on . it makes the nachos was not completely seasoning.

Oh, yeah! We love cheese and we love this dish!

Crackling Pork Knuckle – IDR 159*

The DABOMB dish! A crispy pork knuckle is what we really craving of. The meat is tender but still crispy. I do believe that they cook it for several hours. We got the gelatin part and it really nice!

We also love to combine it with its salsa sauce which are a little bit spicy but nice.

With its big portion, you may share it for two until four person.

Original Baby Back Ribs – IDR 72* for regular size, you may add two sides

As I mentioned before, my family is the die hard fans of this baby back ribs and I absolutely have told Ryan about this. Luckily, he finally try one.

Tender and juicy. Two words that can describe this ultimate dish. We can easily pull it out of its bone which means it is really good! It isn’t tough to chew and we really enjoy it!

Wagyu Special – IDR 82*, you may add two sides

I haven’t tried Wagyu in this restaurant as I always order Sirloin. So yeah, we are trying it now and it was great. As it is wagyu, they met our expectation to give us the tender meat even we order the well done one.

 I can’t imagine whatif we order the medium one, it will be more tender than this!

Signature Ice Tea – IDR17* (available in Peach, Lychee and strawberry)

Vanilla white tea that will burst up your day. Our choice is on Lychee and peach one.

They also give us some of fresh fruit. You will get Lychee if you order Lychee signature ice tea for example.

Strongly recommended for you who really loves tea and fruit.

Oreo Blended Milkshake – IDR 19*

A blended milkshake is another thing to make you cheer up. A sweet thing is a must, right?

I feel a little oreo crumble but it suppose to be okay as I enjoy it so much. Also, the crumble creates the oreo become “oreo” (forgive my phrase)

So far, we really enjoy our time here. They also have an affordable price with great steak and ribs. And yes! You may also enjoy the greentea or taro dessert, just ask the waiters or go upstair.

Have a good culinary journey!

MeaterS Steak and Ribs
Ruko Citra Garden 6 Blok J5A No. 12
Cengkareng, Jakarta
021 9999 5875

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