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It has been a while since we posted our last update. We really sorry about it and today, we are glad to post some and share it to you.

Recently, you (might) have seen our post about Taro Ice Cream by Matchafuku in Instagram. Haven’t you?

So yeah, Matchafuku has a new-concept and will bring some fun to you. Do not worry about the old one. They still serve you those lovely dishes (but with a new name and plating). But surely, we guarantee you will addicted with their new menu.

Before we go to their new menu, I would like to share about their ice cream. A little bit same with their previous system, we can choose the flavors. They have two flavors : Taro or Matcha (green tea) and you may order TWIST!

Their greentea ice cream is now sweeter than our first visit. We really glad that their taste is improving day by day. Moreover, their greentea ice cream still get the “greentea” flavor even it is sweeter than before.

I wasn’t into Taro very much for I hate the smell of Taro flavour. I don’t know but to be honest, I always find that kind of smell everywehere! But I could say that their taro is really great. They have a balance flavor. Moreover, I do not smell any-taro-smell that I hate the most.

How about twist? NAH! If you really curious about it, you has to try this sensation. It is an undescribe-able sensation but for sure, you may love the flavour of taro and greentea.

Okay! Now let’s move to their new menu!

Candyland Dreams (IDR 33*)

Lychee jelly, fruit loops, caramel popcorns, marshmallow, caramel syrup and rainbow dust

Here is one of their new parfait! As I love caramel popcorn ice cream this parfait become my favorite! And first, let me review its caramel popcorn.

Their caramel popcorns are sweet. I did not find any salty taste like others which make this caramel popcorn is really suitable for me (I hate that kind of salty popcorn tho’).

The lychee jelly has the great texture and taste. This transparent jelly makes this ice cream seems like floating in the air. Really fit my imagination of floating castle :)

Berry Go Round (IDR 29*)

Grass jelly, fruit loops, strawberies, marshmallow, strawberry syrup, pocky, and rainbow dust

Berry Go Round is another new parfait. If you are a strawberry lover, it is really suitable for you. As all of the ice cream was full of strawberry and colorful fruit loops.

We do underestimate the grass jelly for the first time but after a try, I know that it is a perfect combination to cool down after eat to much sweet and become a neutralizing taste.

Summer Paradise (IDR 40*)
Matcha Kanten, Cornflakes, shiratama balls, red bean, strawberry, and oreo dust

It calls deconstruct parfait. As its name, they serve the ice cream and topping separately so you may choose your favorite topping and the ice cream.

They also have the caramel syrup injection so you can add the caramel syrup and enjoy your personal-favorite-combination.

Chocolate inspired (IDR 42*)
Coco pops, oreo crumbs, bananas, almond crust, POP rocks, and injection of chocolate syrups

You might be know our childhood memory which are POP candy or POP rocks. The candy powder that can be popping into your mouth. Here one of the POP Rocks parfaits. Including all of chocolate components like choco pops, oreo, almond, banana and injection of chocolate syrup, this parfait is really reccomended for chocolate lover.

As a chocolate lover, I really love the combination of chocolate. Moreover, I love the sensation of the POP rocks that are popping in my mouth.

Dare to try?

So far, this menu is coming with a great concept. We hope that you may also like it as we also love this menu so much!

Have a good day!

Ruko Sixth Avenue Blok J5A No 12 Citra Garden 6 Cengkareng, DKI Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
(021) 99249111
Open now:  11AM–10PM

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