Say hello to the newest place in the town! Welcoming The Holy Smokes. One of the restaurant chain by Ersons Food (who has succeed with their well known Holy Crabs).

Their locations are nearby each other but because of one way route, you must to take a long way run to reach it from Holy Crab. But if you need a benchmark, just find KFC Gunawarman (p.s : if you take a way from Yoshinoya, this restaurant is before KFC).

Their interior design is like a Texas Bar. Full of wooden and iron fence. Hope there’s no cowboy here LOL

Yesterday, we got a chance to attend their press conference and some kind of menu introduction. You may be questioning what is the smoke means. It is because all of the menu was burnt in the wood. So classic but believe me, the classic one will be ultimately great.

They also have a good and unique ordering system. After you have your order, the cashier will give you a pager. Instead of waiting, guests can sitdown while waiting for the pager rings as their foods ready.

We had seen all of their menu but unfortunately we just try some of them which were pulled brisket Sandwich with french fries & potato salad and Smoky Beef Brisket with Onion Straw and baked bean.

Pulled Brisket Sandwich (IDR 88*)

Here one of menu that we have tried. The sandwich is have a fluffy bun with an enough amount of beef. For the seasoning, as Ryan love the strong one, he must to add some of their signature sauce here. Fiuh! But it will be good for me as I love the light one.

The potato salad was just a regular one while a french fries was a little bit oily and did not get “the-real-taste-of-french-fries” which are dry and crispy.

Smoky Beef Brisket (IDR 118* for two slices and two side dishes)

Boo yeah! the Smoky Beef Brisket itself, we love the tenderness of the beef. We has no comment for it is really good.

We love the baked beans and also the onion straws. It’s a simply great for me.

That’s all the dishes that we have tried. But hey, if you would like to see some, let us show you!

Texas Short Ribs (IDR 248* - you will get two side dishes)

Southern Style Beef Ribs (IDR 185* for two bones and two side dishes)

BBQ Chicken (IDR150* for whole chicken and two side dishes)

Again, congratulations for The Holy Smokes grand opening. Cannot wait to try more of it later.

Holy Smokes - Slow Smoked BBQ
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 27
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12180
021 - 722 1795
Opening Hours: 11:30 AM - 10 PM

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