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You have seen our posts about Japan during this summer holiday, haven't you? We would like to share our journ ey to Shin Yokohama Raumen Museum today. Located at Yokohama, this place is a must-visit-place if you are going to Japan.

At the first glance, it was so crowded and we must to queque for a ticket. Fiuh! It's a long time tho'. But it was all paid.

At first step, we can see all the ramen from all continents of Japan. They told us that ramen is from many years ago, and therefore there is many ramen improving and developing in Japan. One of the mostly developed ramen is Hakata.

After we tour around ramen museum. We were being directed to another place which is my favourite. In that place we could try ramen from 8 different COUNTRIES!! Of course it's not free we needed to pay too. However you could choose one of them. Every one of them has a different flavour.

For ordering the ramen you need to come to some dispenser ramen shop and then choose which ramen do you prefer. This machine worked same as a bottle vending machine who is located at many Japan places. After you order, then the machine will pop a coupon and you must give it to the stewardess. There are two ramen that was very crowded in that place.

The first one is Casa de Luca ramen shop and the second one is Hakata founder - Najima Tei

Casa de Luca is a ramen shop who very specialized at it's ramen flavour. The flavour of it's ramen is considered the best one in all Japan because it's uniqueness of it's own flavour, which is an Italian pizza flavour.

The taste of it's ramen is so unique that people tend to come here for some italian cuisine. It's broth was very rich and the texture is so thin.

Najima Tei is a ramen shop who is a founder of Hakata ramen. Hakata ramen is one of the popular ramen in many countries. Such as Indonesia, Hakata also been known as the best at ramen. Their ramen has a very thin noodles.

The ramen also has a very light broth. If you didn't like a rich salty broth. I prefer you choose this one as it's a bit light taste.

Both of the ramen has large portion.Sadly, you cannot share it with your mate. All of these ramens have three to four charsiew and the noodle is thin.

I also love the gyoza. They have thin and crispy skin while the inside of Gyoza has the thick broth melt and great taste of the meat inside.

There's some more ramen during our visit, but these two ramens are the most popular. You might be try something interesting later.

Have a good day!

Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum
 2 Chome-14-21 Shinyokohama
 Kohoku Ward, Yokohama
Kanagawa Prefecture

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