You might be have seen our post about our visit to Media and Blogger Gathering by Holy Smokes before. If you are not, you can kindly check here.

There was so many menu and sadly we hadn't try it all. So we were coming back again to try some.

They have one entrance door and one exit door, we were mistaken and entering the wrong door for they were not entrance & exit door during the Media Gathering, but, anyway, let's move to the foods!

We ordered Brisket and Ribs Combo with Mac & Cheese and Homecut fries for our side dish also a half  BBQ Chicken.

All of them were served with onion straws.

Brisket Ribs Combo with two side dishes - IDR 150*
1 Brisket Slice and 1 Beef Rib Bone - Sides : Mac & Cheese and Homecut Fries

Their brisket slice was still great. They are a slice of thin meat with good tenderness. While for the ribs itself, it has a juicy meat with sort of gelatine. Love to say that it was great.

For the mac & Cheese itself, they have a light seasoning. It will be tasteless if you eat this mac & cheese after eat the meat with strong sauce.

BBQ Chicken (Half) - IDR 55*

As it stated, Half. Means they served you with two pieces of chicken, breast and thigh one. As we were just coming in two person, I guess it will be more than enough.

The chicken was cooked well but low on seasoning. It feels like tasteless inside. So we must to add more sauce to make the chicken great.

Hate to say that they are many flies on our table. Maybe because we were sitting next to window.

As it is their first month, I bet they will be have a good improvements as they are running this restaurant. We also find the waiters/waitress that oftenly ask about the taste, the quality, and many more. It such like a great-great-great-move and we hope that you have a best luck!

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