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Last day, we were visiting a cafe names Intro Jazz. Located at BSD City, we saw this restaurant as we were going home from AEON Mall BSD City and we just like, "Hey, this is the restaurant that serve the gigantic burger, right?" So we were stopping by.

For your landmark, this restaurant is in between McDonalds and Lembur Kuring. Also, a few steps from Giant Supermarket.

Anyway, this gigantic burger had been trend for a few months ago and yeah, it was a bit late but sort like amazing to taste some.

For the interior itself, it had a classy decoration with warm atmosphere. Although the cafe was in a same building with a marketing office, this cafe still get their own feels.

They also have some chalkboard with colorful hand writing writen on the board. This created a fun atmosphere.

And yes, for you who really loves to see how they create their foods, you may take a peek of the open kitchen there.

So here what we've ordered!

Fat Man Burger (IDR 175*)
 750 gr grounded beef on giant bun with caramelized onion

Here their signature dish, FAT MAN BURGER. As its name, it was a giant burger that can be shared for 3-5 people. You can cut it into 8 to 10 slices

For the patty itself, it was okay. I know it was hard to make a perfect meat in this big size. While for a bun, the bun is soft and light. I love this soft texture.

A little bit thing that made us dissapointed was about fluffy bun.

From what I've heard, they will serve you the fluffy bun. One of our relatives had came to this restaurant and found it fluffy, but we did not find as fluffy as they told. It also proved with the photos from our relatives.

The waitress also told us that there is something which made it wasn't fluffy on our visit.

Meat lovers Pizza (IDR 50*)

Different with another Pizza that you may usually know, this pizza has the thin crust like the Italian one.

For me, this pizza will be a great one to become your appetizer.They have thin crust with generous meat and cheese.

They also offers a live jazz music every saturday night. Nah, if you really want to have a hang out with your friends and your family, this place will be a good place for you to go.

Have a good day!

Intro Jazz and Bistro
Sunburst CBD LOT II/18C
BSD City

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