Yesterday, we were heading to a Japanese Curry House name Karei-Ya. Basically, Karei-Ya is not a new restaurant as this is their second branch and their first branch is located at Benton Juction (Opposite Universitas Pelita Harapan).

So, here we go with the interior design.

I personally like their minature and action figure for the decoration. Especially for the Baymax... It is so cute :)

 Let's head to the menu!

Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice - IDR 50k (Omelette Toping : IDR 14k)

Here is one of menu that recommended by the restaurant. Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice. As you may see, we asked for Baymax shape of rice and add an omelette topping.

For the katsu itself, I love the crispiness and tenderness of its chicken. we can feel the chicken instead of just a flour. While for the omelete itself, we thought that it was like a usual "telur dadar"

The omelette actually need to be soft inside with some technique of cooking. But there was not a big deal for us.

They have a good rice and great even has been shaped into baymax shape.

For the curry sauce, I might be said that it was too salty.

Thin Slice Beef Curry Rice - IDR 48k (Omelette Toping : IDR 14k)

For this dish, we choose minion shape of rice. I also get an omelette which is nice.

For the beef itself, they just okay with its thin slices but a little bit tasteless due to the salty curry sauce.

As the omelette is for covering the rice and make a yellow colored minion, they make thin and I guess it was really alright.

Martabak Oreo Keju - IDR 65k

This martabak did not meet my expectation. It was tight and solid but wasn't soft. I even barely hard to chew it.

So that's all about the Karei-Ya. Maybe they are a little mistake due to the new and young age of store. We hope that they can fix it to make it better.

Karei-Ya Fusion
Citra 6 , Ruko Sixt Avenue
J5A/23 Cengkareng
West Jakarta

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