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Today we have a chance to experience our lunch at newly open Kitchenette (It was open on July 19 tho'). As their other branch, they have a good homy ambience.

This post will be a long post as we eat so many delicious foods here. Hihihihi Check this out.

Belgian Mussels in Lemon Butter and Hand Cut Fries (IDR 85*)

Here is one of their new menu. Belgian Mussels.

I would like to say that this food was great with some reasons. First of all, it was because they have a big portion (you can share it for 2-3 persons) and secondly, they have a great taste. The mussels is not stinky.... In fact it has a lucricious taste and easy to eat.

Black Charcoal Burger + Bacon (IDR 110)
Black bun with a beef patty topped with sunny side up egg + additional bacon

Maybe you are so familiar with this black bun burger as it was mushrooming everywhere nowadays... However this black bun has a different texture with the regular one. Instead of fluffy bun, I thought that it feels like crispy bun and I love their anti-mainstream burger so far.

Oh yeah, by the way, they also serve you with handcut fries and it was really great.

Fresh Kale Salad (IDR 79)
Topped with goat cheese, red bean, corn, and french vinaigrette dressing

Their newly salad tastes great!

They has no heavy dressing and use French Vinaigrette Dressing. It taste sour and refreshing instead made us nauseated.

Half Roasted Chicken in Garlic Butter (IDR 105)
With butter sauce and creamy potato gratin

Here come with the main course! Half Roasted Chicken in Garlic Butter really seized up our day!

They have a tender chicken with crispy roasted skin. We also love the creamy potato gratin as well.

Oh ya, I suggest you eat this dish while hot.

Baked Truffle Macaroni & Cheese (IDR 89)
With turkey bacon

I am a pasta lovers and mac and cheese is on my top list. Love to say they have generous cheese instead of just a small amount.

Antoine Ego (IDR 89)
Ham, mozzarella cheese & mushroom caviar with truffle oil and pork ham

If you may see the sign of their restaurant, they have 'creperie' under their brand name. So, yeah, we order this savoury Gallete.

Gallete is actually a little bit same with crepes but with thicker skin and mozarella cheese. Antoine Ego is the best gallete that we have ever knew.

They have a cheese melt in your mouth yet tasteful and yummy pork ham make a fantastic combination.

Claudette (IDR 59)
Roasted bananas with vanilla pods and butter caramel sauce + vanilla ice cream

Time for a dessert. So here what we order, Claudette. As we have eat a lot of many food, we would like to order crepes with ice cream and caramel sauce.

I love the combination of banana-caramel-vanilla ice cream that served in this crepes. I guess I will be this crepes lover from now on.

Tropical Sunrise (IDR 38)
 Greens, Pineapple, Cucumber, Lemon and Honeydew

Welcoming their new healthy juice, contain with fresh fruit and no sugar and preservatives, this was great to refresh your day.

Tropical sunrise was contain Greens, Pineapple, Cucumber, Lemon and Honeydew which make the juice green. But don't worry, as you drink it, you may not taste the veggie at all.

Mighty Mango (IDR 38)
 Mango, strawberry, Carrot, Red Cabbage

Another juice and this is it, Mighty Mango. A mix of mango, strawberry, Carrot and Red Cabbage was really good to become our companion. As it use honey, they have no over sweet and get a balance taste.

Overall, we really enjoy our big lunch here with fantastic portion and also taste.
Have a good day!

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