Last month, I was going to Malaysia and needs something sweets because the weather is extremely hot. Different in Jakarta, we prefer to try and visit the famous Jalan Alor by walking rather than taking a cab. The good consequences is we have a nice delicious claypot but the bad is we are so sweaty. We definitely want some nice ice cream to fill our tummy, and luckily we found it in the nearest mall.

So today we are going to review about the newest ice cream located at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. It is located at the top of the building and it is easy to recognize because there are not many other ice cream in that place. The place is so simple with a 1:1 square width and around 2 sofa completing it. The reason why it's so simple because as I observe a bit further. Many people tend to buy it as a take away.

Caramel Popcorn (RM 11-13)
The first try is about caramel popcorn. I must say their ice cream is so dense and concentrated. Especially the milk from it's ingredient is so thick. The caramel around it, so perfectly completing the taste. The popcorn also taste delicious. I definitely suggest, this is one of my top list when it comes to MilkCow icecream.

Cookies & Cream (RM 11-13)
We try another flavour which is Cookies & Cream. From it looks, it has a huge amount of cookies around it. The ice cream is same as earlier as it is so dense, thick and concentrated. When it comes on tasting the ice cream. I suggest you try to stir it as to mix it with the cookies. That way you will have a delicious ice cream and a bit crunch of cookies.

For me the taste is so great, it's delicious and I personally like the milk in the ice cream. Will be back to this place again if I ever come back to Malaysia :)

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