Hello guys! How do you do? Hope you are doing fine.

By the way, on today's post, we would like to tell you about Mujigae Korean Restaurant. Have you ever known about Mujigae? If you haven't, let us introduce a little bit about Mujigae Korean Restaurant.

Mujigae itself is a korean restaurant that are located at several malls such as Pluit Village, Kemang Village, Mall Kelapa Gading and more. Different with others, Mujigae create a new high-technology concept which you may order your food with an iPad that available in your table.Not just ordering, you may also request your favourite Korean songs there!

Usually, I used to order their bimbimbap (as it is my favourite dish here), but nowadays, let me introduce you their new menu (and our new favoutire dish), tara!! Jajangmyeon!

Jajangmyeon is a noodle with black paste (it is actually Chunjang Sauce), noodle, vegetables, and Halal Meat ( I guess it was chicken though). For the taste itself, we love their sweet and spice (from pepper).

Nah, to eat this Jajangmyeon, what you must to do is just mix and stir it well Hihihihi

By the way, it would be great with Korean Fried Chicken and Oden as a companion.

Korean Fried Chicken, yum!
Here Jajangmyeon with Oden, lovely!

For the drink, we recommend you Green Tea Sea Salt for a salty-sweet-sensation and Choco Banana Milk with Nutella Pudding for the sweet one.

Choco Banana Milk with Nutella Pudding
Green tea Sea Salt
So, what are you waiting for?


Jakarta : Mall Kelapa Gading 3 || Pluit Village || Kemang Village

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