Last month, I have a chance to visit Japan and it is definitely an awesome experience. There has been many place that I visited such as Shinjuku, Akihabara, Harajuku. However the place that has been the best of my top list experience is when I was in Shibuya.

If you happened to go there. Make sure you go into the Shibuya Crossing. It is a wonderful place filled with all people in Japan trying to cross to the other side of the road. It's really breathtaking place to watch especially if you can enjoy it with a coffee or some sort. Even in the rain it's still filled with a crowded people. In that place there also a famous Hachiko statue for photo with.

However due to heavy rain. We decided to have some tea in the L'occitane cafe not far from that place. In fact it has a window that point to the Shibuya crossing. That's why we chose the place as to relax a bit and have a sip while still looking at the view.

L'occitane Iced Tea au Lait (907 Yen)
When I order this first. I accidentaly felt curious on what was "Au Lait" means. Therefore I try to order with some in it. Turns out it makes the tea become deliciously awesome. The "Au Lait" is much like cream milk but no too much creamy. The cream is not making you nausea instead the cream makes it more freshening.

L'occitane Coffee au Lait (861 Yen)
Simple coffee but with a delicious taste. It is filled with the "Au Lait" delicious cream, and it was an luscious drink. Try to have a sip while looking at the view, it definitely wanted to make you stay in the place forever.

Provence Croque Monsieur (1.463 Yen)
I am not fond of so much a western food. However when I tried this, I suddenly become addicted to it. I couldn't describe so much about it taste. However one thing for sure, it has a heavenly taste on it's mixture of ham and cheese. It is so perfectly combined that makes it so scrumptious.

Chocolate Tart (667 Yen)
Simple yet succulent is the words to describe it. The softness of it's chocolate will melt when you taste it from the tip of your tongue. The chocolate is so silky and heavenly delicious yet the chocolate is so dense.

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