Hello, yesterday we just attend a food lovers gathering that held in Bibigo. Basically, it wasn't a gathering as we were doing that gathering on lunch rather than the schedule tho'. LOL

Bibigo is a great concept restaurant with ship and mercusuar lol. This restaurant has a good ambience with hot stone dish as their specialities. This restaurant is also in the same company of Tous Le Jours and CGV Blitz.

So, let's go to the foods!

Chop Salad - Side Dish

We don't know if it could be said as side dish or what. This salad was dressed in vinegar. It was nice but as we were not into salad, well, yeah, okay.

Korean Chop Salad - IDR 35k

Korean Chop Salad is their famous dish. They use sesame dressing with some chicken meat and fried wonton. But again, (I don't know, but) as we are in a Korean Restaurant, we would like to eat their 'authentic' one tho'. But, I do love this.

Bibigo Rice Cake - IDR 45k

Toppoki. It is a really famous dish in Indonesia as all of K-Drama used to show this dish. Although it was good (through my brother's palate who loves toppoki), we just thought it was okay for we are not into Toppoki so much.

Bulgogi Japchae - IDR 70k (R) / IDR 90k (L)

Japchae! A korean vermicelli that was really good. Although it wasn't our preference at the beginning. I love the sweetness taste of Bulgo in this dish.

Beef & Green Tacos - IDR 35k

This dish made up my mind. As this dish was a new dish, we weren't familiar and we did not put it on list. I could admit that it was really great for appetizer.

Hot Stone Galbi - IDR 180k

Here the hot stone! the Hot Stone Galbi. We would like to say that it was really nice as this is one of our favorite menu that also in our list. Moreover, this dish is also our favorite (lit. Both of us). Loe the sweetness and saltyness. Well, I guess this dish are really a recommended for you, guys.

 BBQ Chicken - IDR 80k

The BBQ Chicken is just an okay for me. They have a spicy taste and it was good.

Jangjorim Bimbimbap - IDR 75k

Jangjorim Bimbimbap is my favorite as this bimbimbap is not spicy at all. Instead of the chilli paste, they used shoyu / Soy sauce. I love this bimbimbap so much :)) So, do not worry if you would like to eat a bimbimbap but hate the chili paste.

Spicy Beef Flank Soft Tofu Soup - IDR 80k

This is another favorite of mine. The sour and spicy jjigae seems good with a hot rice. (P.S : it served in a bowl of rice) but I can't get enough of it when I used to mix it with my Bimbimbap HAHAHA

Spicy Cheese Dak Galbi - IDR 99k

Here another favorite from Ryan. As he is a cheese lover. It contains Dak Galbi (Chicken), cheese and Japchae. Another lovely dish tho.

Even we can't try our another favorite dishes due to some problems (including our full stomach), we hope that we can enjoy it in another time and so far, we have a lovely time here. For the price, it is a little bit too pricy but reasonable for a restaurant in Pacific Place Mall. For the dishes, I guess you must to try their hot stone menu (anything is good tho' )

Thankyou for your hospitality, Bibigo!

Pacific Place Lv.4, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 52-53, Sudirman Central Business District, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
(021) 57973011
Open now:  10AM–10PM

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