[THANKYOU POST] DiaryMakan 1st anniversary

Hello, nice to meet you! We would like to make this blog as your information source about foods, but well, create a personal post will not harm anybody though. lol

So yeah, we firstly ,we would like to say thankyou for supporting us through this year. It wasn't a short journey, anyway. Mind to hear it?

Basically, this blog (as you may know) was founded by a couple, Ryan and Kannethly

Ryan himself is a boy who loves games, entertainment, cinematography, travelling and snap every moment through his camera. He used to travel about two or three places a year, I guess. Here one of his photo.

Japan, 2011 - Taken By Ryan Haryanto
While me (Kannethly is writing here), I am a writer. I love writing, reading or anything about literature. I have written several articles, books and short stories. The latest one was Rouge ni Naritai in February 2014. I also love cinematography and film making. Although I got into Marketing Communication instead taking Mass Communication Major, I used to be active in some short-film-maker back then.

Based on these contrary hobbies, we were seeking for the similarity. We found so many ideas that sounds weird: Create a youtube account and become a game reviewer like PewDiePie or movie reviewer or maybe create short film thingy.

Oh well, it just.. oh.. okay!

Then, we were ended up in travel-blogging idea.

But well, travel-blogging was not as easy as ABC. We were still under-age. How could I write a review or whatever if I was not being there?

Japan, Spring 2013 - Taken by Ryan Haryanto
So we just forget the idea and concern on our studies.

At the last week of November, one of my friends asked me (again) about some restaurants that was newly opened at PIK on that month. FYI, Ryan and I used to have a lunch every day before we are going home, and as both of our houses are located near Pantai Indah Kapuk area, we obviously eat at PIK in twice or three time a week.

At the end of our chatting session, my friend said she wondered if Ryan and I could be a foodblogger. As we love to eat and she knew that Ryan loves to take photos.

Foodblogger? How could there's no such a foodblogger in my mind?!

Maybe because we just see our similarities in the narrow perspective and doesn't see any other chances instead of travel-blogger.

After some discussions with Ryan, this blog was born on November 30, 2014 while our first post is on December 1, 2014. We used to take photo with phone, back then.

We still remember our first invitation and first endorsement. We even cannot describe our feeling. It just like, "Gosh? Really? I mean, we are nothing, how could you trust your product to be promoted by US?"

our very first endorsement tho'
Yes, after all. All things are about trust.

Being endorsed and being invited means they put trust on us to promote their products. They believe that we can create an engagement and increase their sales. If people think about "Ih, enak ya bisa di endorse" or "Udah terkenal sih makanya banyak endorsement", we just sigh. If you think about that thought, it means that you never know the responsibility of it. When you are being endorsed, they put their trust and hope on you. It isn't just you get a product, taking picture and done. (well, that's just valid for us, every people has their own opinion about endorsements or invitations.)

Speaking of fame,

We never know how people cruel-ly said that we were buying followers or anything to seek a fame (like we are the richest people in the world that could buy followers every day or buy likes in every post tho LOL) but for us being a user with high followers is also a responsibility. is not about fame at all.
For us, we are an opinion leader not a celebrity. Opinion leader means a person who can influence people by their opinion. Everybody could be opinion leader. It doesn't always be an instagrammer with high amount of followers. It also can be you. yes, YOU! Have you ever asked by your friends about your experience of dining in a diner? Your judgement will affect your friend's decision, right? Even your friends probably can love the dish. Nah, that is the same story of us.

The difference is about the amount of people who ask you. More people means there will be more and more diverse opinion.

Can you imagine that your followers put their trust on you when they would like to eat at some restaurant? They trust your palate, they trust on your stories, they trust on your experience. Even every people has their own preferences.

So, for us, followers are about a responsibility that should be done with fun way. Followers are a Friend - A friend that ask us about "how about the restaurant A or B or C?" and put trust on us.

At last but not the least.

Thank you so much for trusting us.  restaurants, entrepreneurs, and all of our fellow friends. We will never go so far because of you. We know that we have do so many fault or created a disappointment. We hope that we can learn to be a better friend for you to put your hope and trust.

Ryan and Kannethly

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