What is the thing that you will be thinking when we are asking about Thailand food? Tom yum, Pad Thai, or Pandan Fried Chicken and any dishes with sour-sweet-salty-taste?

Yes it was true!

But do you know that there was also a Thailand-barbeque? Meet Sip Ha Thai, the Thailand-Barbeque-Restaurant.

Located at Kelapa Gading, Basically Sip Ha Thai serves general Thailand Food like Pandan Fried Chicken, Pad Thai or Tom yum. But, besides of that general-Thailand-dish, they also serve Thailand Barbeque.

So, how it was going? Let's talk about it one by one

Tom Yum Goong

Tom yum seems like the most popular Thailand dish, I guess. Their tom yum was great. Refreshing. Not too spicy and get the sour taste.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is another compulsory dish if you are in Thailand Restaurant.

They have a well seasoning Pad Thai with a little bit sour and sweet. Again, they do a great job.

Pandan Fried Chicken

Another dish to go! Here is Pandan Fried Chicken.

The chicken itself was tender but crispy at the same time. The flavor wasn't overpower (read : not too salty) and it was good.

Crispy Kangkong

The light bites of the day!

Love the crispiness and it was great for becoming a snack. Unfortunately, there was some chilli and it makes the taste become a little bit spicy.

I guess it will suit for you who loves spicy yet hot flavor.

Thailand BBQ

Ah! There you go!

Thailand BBQ. basically this Thailand BBQ was served by the citizen at North Thailand as their weather was cold.

The BBQ was have two spaces. Firstly is a space for grilling the meat and secondly is for the broth with some meatballs, chikuwa and so on.

Their broth was nice. It has a salty-sweet taste while for the meat, they have a good seasoning as well. I can taste (again) a sweet flavor there.

So far, this-newly-concept of Thailand Restaurant was really great. Can't wait for our next visit.

Sip Ha Thai BBQ & Bistro
Jl. Boulevard Raya, Blok PD 9 No. 6, Kelapa Gading, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
(021) 4534672
Open now:  6:30AM–10PM

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