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Last Christmas, we were visiting a pizza restaurant name Pizzeria Cavalese. Located at Sunter, Pizzeria Cavalese served a lot varieties of Pizza. From savoury to sweet. From vegan to protein to seafood to chocolate and marshmallow, you name it!

The thing that we love the most is about their varieties of sauces. Tomato, creamy, BBQ, Pesto, well.. everything! As we were trying a lot of their menu (I guess we ate almost all the food from menu tho')

Anyway, here are what we got at Pizzeria Cavalese

First of all we got ourselvef some apppetizer first, it was delicious and very recommended to order if you come by to this restaurant

Looks like plain but in fact it is so crispy and delicious
Melty Cheese of Goodness

Piedmont - IDR 105k
Cheese based mixed mushroom with truffle oil and comes with choices of sunny side up eggs on top

If you are a vegetarian, it looks like this one is perfect for you. Pizza with mushroom and egg is very rich with melted cheese. Unfortunately, due to this pizza was using eggs that are raw or half-cooked, This pizza had a little fishy smell. Perhaps it would be better if the Pizzeria Cavalese can give you options so you can choose whether to select the egg that is cooked or half-cooked

BBQ Pollo - IDR 95k
Chicken Flavoured Pizza with barbecue based and smoked cheese topped with fried onion ring

If you are into barbecue, this pizza could be your favorite. I would like to say that this is my favorite so far. it had a good texture and nice aroma yet strong taste of barbecue, seriously, you must to try one!

Seafood Buster - IDR 119k
Salmon, Prawns and Calamari

Go grab it seafood lover, this is a must try one. but as this is seafood, I wanna warn you that it is a little bit fishy because it's seafood of course. Perhaps that they must to do something to get rid of this smelly little thingy, but it was good for taste and for seafood lovers.

Pesto Con Pollo - IDR 65k
Penne with Pesto Sauce toasted with Chicken, Mushroom and Parmesan

For the kind of pasta, I guess the flavor was not strong enough so it just a plain with some little taste of pesto and the pasta itself is a littled bit undercooked but that's okay as it just a little bit at all.

Chicken Spaetzli - IDR 69k
North Italian Special served with Baked Chicken topped with creamy mushroom sauce

This is my recommendation mains when you got here. Gosh! The chicken is so tender and the creamy -cheese sauce was soooo great!  I have no words to describe.

S'mores - IDR 59k
Crispy sweet Pizza with nutella and baked marshmallow

This crispy pizza is really great for closed and sum up all of our food. We really love the light but sweet pizza although some people who do not love sweet as much like me thought that its sweetness was a little bit overwhelming.

Thus far, this restaurant was great with so many type of pizza that you may not find at the main-stream-pizza-restaurant with sort like good price and big portion. Totally recommended.

Pizzeria Cavalese
Ruko Green Lake Sunter TB SR, Jl. Danau Selatan, Sunter Agung, Tanjung Priok, Sunter Agung, Jakarta Utara, Kota Jkt UtaraTj. Priok, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
(021) 26690133
Opens at 11:00 AM

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