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Last time we visited a ramyun bar in Kemang called Sinsa Ramyun. Actually they have their first outlet in Muara Karang tho' so this outlet wasn't new for some people.

The Kemang outlet was decorated with sort-of-container-thingy as this decoration is famous nowadays :")

Alright, so going to the menu. We did order two ramen and some other menus tho. Oh and by the way, they divided their ramyun by two dry and soup. It's similar with Mi goreng and Kuah, I guess. After go with the type, then you must to go with the flavors. : Kimchi which Sour-Spicy taste and Galbi which Sweet-Savory taste.

Oh and by the way, they also have some snack menus that you don't want to miss it out!

Ramen Fries (IDR 28k)
Available flavors : Seaweed  / Cheese

This is good for starter, a fries with deep-fried-noodle and seaweed powder or cheese powder. This just remind me with some street snacks near my old high school that sell some fries (either potatoes or sweet potatoes) and some seasoning powder.

Chicken With Cheese (IDR 28k)

A korean fried chicken! Since this is my favourite, I expected some kind of high expectation and I was glad that they did reach it well. Even it is a little bit overtaste tho which somehow I managed it with make this dish as a-topping-for-ramyun

Kimchi (Soup) Ramyun (IDR 54k for regular size with sausage)

To all spicy lovers, do not expect to much when you eat this ramyun. I mean, not because of they have a bad taste, but this ramyun was not as spicy as you may think. In Indonesia, perhaps we can say it as "Pedes-nya Nanggung." But, as I am not-a-typical-of-spicy-lover, I really love this ramyun. So, yeah, it is suitable for some people who barely can eat spicy food but love to eat that one.

But do not worry, If you are really a spicy lover, just add some chilli powder and tara!

Galbi (Dry) Ramyun (IDR 54k for regular size with Beef)

As this ramyun got some kind of sweet-savory taste, it was simply addictive but somehow I just felt it is a little with similar with instant-fried-noodle that we can buy in the market tho'. But well, I could say that they got a great texture with good flavor.

Thus far, I did think that this ramyun bar is good, but I guess it is a little bit too pricy (but well, they are opening in Kemang so, perhaps it could be in suitable price).

And for additional information, if you are a pork-lovers, you can visit their first outlet at Muara Karang as Kemand outlet doesn't serve pork tho'.

Have a good day peeps!

Sinsa Ramyun
Taman Kemang 1 No. 6, Bangka,
Jakarta Selatan, Kota Jakarta Selatan Mampang Prpt.,
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

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