Get ready to be hooked cause yes, we are now at The Hook!

Located at Senopati near Lapangan Blok S, this restaurant create a sorta pirate-ship-concept-decoration. Their main favorite and signature is their Grouper which organically and naturally breed without the use of chemicals, antibiotics and hormones. Their groupers is also fed by squid, shrimp and crabs all which are of human consumption grade.

Lovely Graffity

Jar of Honey

It has also many magazine which is nice

Prawn Shasilk - IDR 85k

Got this sweet big prawn on your table and you shall not regret. Seriouly, they have a sweet and good taste. Not smelly at all, a freshness is in the air, yoohoo!

Fish Roll Satay - IDR 55k

Do you know sate lilit? So yeah, this satay is actully is! The difference is, they use grouper for the satay.

Its taste nice with herbs. Just go dip it with sweet-and-not-so-spicy sauce and voila! you will be hooked in a second.

Coconut Prawn Soup - IDR 97k

A little bit spicy and sour, it taste like tomyum in different style with coconut and prawn. Yes, COCONUT. I got confuse at first. But don't doubt me, this soup is really great!

Hot and Sour Fin Soup - IDR 65k

Another favorite but still, I love the coconut prawn tho'. FYI, this soup is clear although it has sort like hot and sour taste.


Ribs with some rica-rica sauce, what more can you ask for?? The spicyness of this thing really fits in your mouth perfectly


Always the best is the pricy one, isn't it?? lol. This humpback is really making things interesting, as it has also interesting flavour surrounds it. Really worth to try for only the fish lover out there :)


Now this is what I called a "Game Changer". I meant personally I don't like western food so much especially burger. When it comes to the chain restaurant, I always prefer more fried chicken than burger. However this burger makes that a mistake, as it has lucricious taste that surrounds it, really a must try for all of you fish lover :)

It comes to dessert now, From the dessert it's quite interesting flavours and also the presentation. It also comes also with a delicious taste

That's all for now, Thank you for the time to read this blog and stay tune for the newest restaurant review :)

The Hook
Kebayoran Baru, Jl. Cikatomas II No.35, Rw. Bar., Jakarta selatan, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
(021) 27513528

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