Hello guys adn welcome to Akira Back!!,

Today we are visiting one of the most luxurious restaurant and renowned in south Jakarta named Akira Back restaurant. It is inside the MD building , but if you have an application such as waze and google maps you'll never missed it. In this place you must have a reservation first, and you need to tell the receptionist below that you are going to have some time in the restaurant as its lift is combined with the office above. However I definitely tell you, it was worth it.

The decoration is filled with a luxurious taste of art, as it has a breathtaking view of landscape on the Jakarta around it. I love the decoration of this place, especially it kinda feels like an outdoor when it actually is in indoor. We are actually having a set lunch menu, and here we go of the list


Yuzu Soy, Peppers and Radish Sprouts

Don't let the size deceive you, because it practically an appetizer dish. However it is consist of the delicious salmon that was perfectly cooked and also perfectly prepared to make sure the people that consumes it satisfied with the result.

Tempura Cream Cheese, Jalapenos Roll and Spicy Tuna

I have no complaint to be spoken as it is really delicious. The cream cheese simply make the scary-name gone (fireball is really associated with spicy tho').


Assorted sashimi on sushi rice served with spring mix salad.

This dish was really surprising. If you have an imagination of Chirashi which is a sushi rice in a bowl with some sashimi, High five cause you are in the same thought as mine. But well, this chirashi was a little bit different. Instead of used bowl, they shaped the rice it a square shaped with some sashimi on it. Simply unique and yum!

5 pcs nigiri & spicy tuna roll served with spring mix salad

As I am in love with Japan and wandering around for some sushi with Japanese authentic style in Indonesia, finally, I found one. They got a perfectly great nigiri with lovely tuna roll. Can't I have some more?


Valrhona gianduja cake, rum & raisin ice cream, banana foam

If I can describe this dish in one short phrase, perhaps I would like to say "a-lovely-hot-and-cool-sensation" I love when the sensation of warm chocolate combined with the cold rum raisin ice cream which neutral the sweetness of that overdose sweetness. hihihi

Sesame tuile, coconut ice cream

What if I am not a chocolate person? Do not worry, get yourself this black sesame cheesecake. In my opinion, I really love the combination of those both (black sesame and cheesecake), moreover the coconut ice cream is also nice to be tried.

But if you ask me to choose, I do prefer both dessert. (May I? LOL)

And yes That's all what we tried for this lunch package. They still get some other menus in this set such as  Hamachi Tataki and Kimchee-Se Sliders for appetizers while they also have Pan Fried Flounder, Soy Braised Short Ribs, and Grilled Spring Chicken for mains so you may try others too and share to us hihihi.


By the way, if you are visiting Akira Back do not forget to order their all time favorite : Tuna Pizza
It has the thin crust with fresh tuna over it. Simply make you addicted.

Have a good day!

Akira Back
MD Place Lt. 12 Jalan Setia Budi Selatan No. 7, Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
Opens at 12:00 PM

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