First, I would like to say...
Ohayo... or it means welcome in Japan

Because you're going to witness the BEST RAMEN IN JAPAN!!!

Let me have some intermezzo first, so basically for me there is 2 best ramen in Japan, one is Ichiran ramen, and the second is Mutekiya Ramen. Meanwhile Ichiran has many outlet so far in Japan, however Mutekiya only has one location and it is in Ikkebukuro District. You could say it's a bit far, but you could google it because it actually very famous for it's queieing. If you managed to get to this place don't ever shocked with the amount of queieing because it's much the same when you wanted to ride some attraction at disneyland, :)

I myself had a bit of problem at first, because I'm queueing at around 2 degrees and also raining. Seems like hell at first, but when I finally got in it become warm and also warmer when the ramen comes. I ordered the most popular ramen, the No.1 Ramen because the name is most in Japanese


The ramen texture was very thick and it contain super many broth inside it. Moreover the slice of pork really surprised me as it has a very thick texture but literally melts in the mouth. There's also a seaweed being carved with a welcoming text from Mutekiya itself. Finally it has a super BIG size, but you couldn't order 1 portion for 2 people, because in Japanese it is forbidden for doing that.

This is the place that you need to go, if you wanted to have some delicious ramen in town. Thank you for reading and Have a nice day :)

南池袋1丁目17-1, Toshima, Tokyo 171-0022, Japan
Web    :
Telp    :+81 3-3982-7656
Open  : 10.30 AM - 4AM

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