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You might be know about Boga Group ; a group of some well-known restaurants like Pepper Lunch, Master Wok, Paradise Inn, Paradise Dynasty and Shaburi. But what is Boga Catering? Perhaps you haven't heard it yet (as we aren't holding event every month, are we?) So, let me introduce you about Boga Catering. Boga Catering itself is a subsidiary of Boga Group which has been established for more that 10 years to serve you a food-catering-service for events.

AND YES! Boga Catering just launched their new selection called as New Petit Four. If you are wondering about what petit four is, well, it is a small confectionery or savoury appetizer. 'Petit Four' itself is actually a French phrase means 'small oven'.

So they got about 28-mini-petit-four in the display. As you can see below it is soooo cute and pretty.

Mini Chocolate Desserts &  Strawberry Chocolate and Hazelnut Canape

Pumpkin Mousse

Hazelnut Brownies & Raspnerry Rhubarb Eclairs

Shrimp  Bruschetta
Sate Lilit

Lime Tiger Prawn

Apple Tart and Custard Tart Chocolate

There is some more of them tho' (gosh, again, they have 28 kinds! ) and we have tried em all. To be honest, they just as good as its look! Our favourite for the savoury goes to  Lime Tiger Prawn and Sate Lilit while for the sweets we really love the apple tart and Raspberry Rhubarb Eclairs. Like, God! we need more!

So, if you have a party or anything, just go and contact them at the information below. (And do not forget to invite us, eh? Hahahaha)

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Boga Catering
Email :
instagram account : @bogacatering

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