Okay guys... Here's a quick review of coffee starbucks that you will probably like

First of all why I build this quick review of the Starbucks? It's because when I posted about the 3 types of starbucks of latte in IG, It was very surprising that you guys like it. Therefore, I think most of you guys will wanting more and so here it is, a bit description on each flavour.

So basically my favourite of the three it's Matcha Latte, because the name is latte you will know that it has some caffeine in it... However I unexpectedly liking it, much to the fact that I was a non-coffee drinker. The taste of matcha very blend in this drink and I don't even taste any coffee at all. Basically my very favourite of choice

Another thing is the Sakura Latte taste flavour!! I like it too, but it is considered to be sweet for me, but it's much more favourite for Kannethly. It is considered a perfect blend of milk and strawberry. Needless to say you need to try it too!!

Another variant to be try is Caffe Latte. I know you will think it has the same taste in Indonesia.... Hold that thought for a moment, because it is different. There's also a bit of a milk that strengthens the flavour of the latte. That's why it has a bit sweet and taste of coffee at the same time.

My conclusion is 3 of them is so delicious, and you must try on all of them if you ever visited Japan. So long on our next adventure :)


  1. This is good! I want to try that matcha latte too!

    1. yes, you should go to Japan then but well perhaps there are also available in some countries including Indonesia (but the original japanese one still unbeatable) hihihi


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