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Do you know that Kitchenette is being relocated to the 2nd floor of Plaza Indonesia? If not, you  absolutely should try this new one.

I thought that it won't necessary to describe the decoration and interior design as ISMAYA never cease to amaze me when it comes to decoration as it's filled with many idea and creation. However you could confuse at first because there's also kitchenette besides the escalator, looks like separated but still it's the same Kitchennete.

Today Kitchenette wanted to introduce a brand new concept of Breakfast restaurant menu. Here's the list of the menu that you must absolutely try!

Granola Superbowl

You are not eating breakfast, unless you eat some granolas. So here we come with our first dish, Granola Superbowl, a combination of granola, fruit and yoghurt wih some blueberry jam above it. Seriously, it was really nice. Moreover, if I am not mistaken, it probably the same with the one in Publik Markette tho (well, they are in the same company, so why bother?)

Avocado Crostone

Could be say that I really love the sauce. And to be honest (call me as 'Kampung Kid') I had never eaten a toast with avocado so it seems nice (could be an idea for my-homemade-breakfast, perhaps?) hahahah

Kitchenette Big Breakfast

Aha! A complete breakfast platter. A classic one always be nice. No words can't descibe tho'

Double Egg Benedict

When you taste an egg benedict, you will find it so delicious. However if you taste TWO egg benedict, you will feel so full of happiness. LOL

Galette Edouard
This is super fun and so delicious to try. I loved to order Antoine Ego when I first come to Kitchenette. It is also become my most favourite when I come to Kitchenette all the time. However I think I will comes to order another type of Galette from now on because this galette is super delicious and it's also comes with an egg.

That's all the review on Kitchenette on their newest menu breakfast. Considering their amount I think it's best to eat it in lunchie time because it is considered to be a huge amount even for me. Breakfast menu is already come up in all Kitchenette restaurant and you need to try it.

Plaza Indonesia Lantai 1/E16, 
Jalan M.H. Thamrin No.28-30, 
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
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