Hello guys and welcome to HYPE!!

Today I have an unexpected visit to one of the most hyped places in jakarta. Which is also named HYPE, it is a place filled with food bazzar and fashion market. The kind of place that you might want to involve in. Anyway the food section has many tenant filling in the spot and we decided to just review 5 of the best of the best in this bazaar.

NO. 5 Shi Fu Malatang - IDR 40K
Starting from the below, we've got the shi fu malatang. It's best for people who loved a bit of tom yum soup, because if you are people who like this. I considered to buy this food

NO. 4 Yaya - IDR 35K-45K
The fourth place is been filled with the delicious crispy squid. I personally ordered the XL Squid for around IDR 40K and I very liked it somehow, because not just the it taste great but also the portion was large enough for both of us

NO. 3 Santorini - IDR 35K
Third place is being filled with some refreshment drink. However this drink is not just a simple drink but unexpectedly filled with some uniqueness. It has the type which looked like some fish aquarium or inside the bottle which has a very large quantity

NO. 2 Shioba - IDR 45K
Second place is being filled with people who loves pork. The price is abit expensive than the other tenants but I assure you this is considered DABOMB for me!! It has a lot of pork inside of it somehow and the taste combined with sauce is incredibly delicious

NO.1 Mentai Master - IDR 40K
Number 1 ohhh number 1 is a Surabayan tenant which is Mentai Master. I had a try of this and it is super duper DABOMB, and DAYUM at the same time. The portion was considered large for both of us and it is delicious. Two thumbs up

Anyway thanks for reading our blog, and make sure to come to this place because it justs until 8 may guys. See you again and byebye :)

Hype Project
Jalan Pantai Indah Kapuk Boulevard No. 1, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
Open now:  10AM–10PM

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