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As you see on the big-capital-letter above, we will share our experience about Sushi Groove today! yey!

So, if you are paying attention, Sushi Groove just re-concept their brand. You might see the logo was changed and the decoration was becoming more cheerful with yellow warm light.

So, another things that also involve as their new re-concept is their new menu called Gobo Sushi. Gobo Sushi is a sushi with some-herbs-rice called as Gobo. Nah! Here is what we were eating.

Princess Roll - IDR 69K (L) / IDR 39K (M)

Princess roll is the authentic yet an-all-time-favorite of mine. This dish is undoubtly tasteful

Unamon roll - IDR 99K (L) / IDR 55K (M)

Who can resist Unagi with salmon? Well, I can’t. A great combinantion between both of these selections create a good-good-dish to be eaten. You have to try some!

Inari Jako Roll -  IDR 59K
Nah, have you ever heard about Sushi with “ikan teri”, cause yes here is the Susji with ikan teri and cream cheese. Could be said, it is a seriously and highly genius combinantion

Maguro Canape - IDR 33K
My kind of favorite, Maguro Canape.The most favorable dish in a small bites mood.

Salmon Sushi Ball - IDR 29K
I highly recommend this sushi. A ball of gobo sushi rice covered with salmon is a really good choice for some salmon lovers in the world.

Blend of blueberry, tamarilla and strawberry
Need some refreshment? Probably, this drink will boost up your day. me personally love the combination of fruits and some sweet-sour here.

Snowy Yo - IDR 45K
Lemony blend of youghurt and vanilla
Another sweet-sour but a milk-ful drink, seriously, a must try for you, healthy-lifestyle people.

me personally love all of them til cannot decide. Seriously, they have never disappointed me. Nah, what is your favorite? Jot it on comment for your recommendation!

Sushi Groove
Grand Indonesia
Jl. MH Thamrin no 1

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