Hello guys and welcome to Tokyo Belly!!

Tokyo Belly is one of the most prized signature of ISMAYA Corporation, consist of many japanese cuisine. One of the best cuisine they offer is Ramen, and today's event is consisting of ramen and lots of ramen.

BTW, they have a competition. If you can finish the ramen before 4 minutes, you will get this ramen for FREE. Moreover, they also will compete you with other people to seek for the fastest monster-ramen-eater and the winner will get a trip to Japan. Dare to try?

Today they also introducing their brand new ramen which is SUPER-SIZED RAMEN or MONSTER RAMEN. This monster ramen is worth for just 75K and you will get a big bowl ramen which contain three portion of their regular.

Oh, and besides of the monster ramen, we were also try some more. Check it out!


At the first, I thought it was just a kind of edamame that boiled like the usual thing, but instead they do sautee it with some garlic which made it great (and somehow, I was inspired to try this at home *peace*)

Sushi Platter

This sushi platter consist of 5 different sushi that taste good. Even their sushi is not a one-bite sushi, but I love big size and this sushi will be a lovable dish to try.

Tokyo Nachos

Nachos is identically with salsa sauce but this nachos was served with wasabi-mayo and some chilli (also some minced meat tho). The taste? Suprisingly nice! I am not the fans of wasabi, but I cannot stop munch this nachos.

Bimbimen Beef

Bimbimen is a noodle served on the hot-stone, more or less, this looks like bimbimbap with noodle instead. It is nice but I still prefer their ramen.

Chicken Katsu
This is my old time favorite and the best dish that I have. Can't have any words more!

Beef Shogayaki Bimbimbap
Ah, so this is the bimbimbap. Instead of served with Gochujang (Hot pepper) Sauce, minced beef and vegetable, they served it with Beef Shogayaki. Maybe as this is a-japanese-restaurant, they do some modification here. FYI, shogayaki is a dish that could be said as a popular one in Japan (although, Indonesian just know Yakiniku or Teriyaki phew). "Shoga" means ginger in Japanese, while "Yaki" means grill. In Japan itself, this dish are so popular for its uniqueness combination of ginger, shoyu, and mirin.

Twin Belly
Twin belly was a popular dish several months (or years) ago and IT IS BACK! Consist of a twin bowl with donburi and ramen, this menu could be your good choice.

Hanito, Dear I miss You

Hanito Dear I miss you is a giant white bread that toasted and served with ice cream, chocolate, and cream. God, I really miss this now.

Nevertheless this visit is super extraordinary wonderful. Tokyo Belly always filled me up with it's decoration and food. You need to try it guys, and be sure to read our blog for more review about restaurant in Indonesia and in the World, Byeee and see ya!! ~~

Tokyo Belly
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town Entertainment District 3A No. 7, Grand Indonesia, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.1, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
(021) 23581090
Open now:  10AM–10PM

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