Hello and welcome to Warung Mevvah!!

Personally I like Indomie... who doesn't like indomie anyway? LOL. Nevertheless I very fond of this restaurant because it says in the front "Best Indomie In Town" :). Anyway it has an interesting decor, because it is filled with many mural inside of it. However it is also catching my attention because the menu is somehow photogenic and the decoration inside is also photogenic too.


Anyhow let's get on to the menu :)

Milo Dino
Super size and filled with all the goodness of milo inside it. Heaven on earth :)

Nutella Blend
This drink filled with the nutella and also blended to become much more refreshing

Thai Blend w/ Milk
OMG!! This is my favourite you knew I always fond of Thai Tea, now it's comes up also with milk. You must try this because it's super lucricous

Coffee pour in with some ice cream... Feels caffeinated are we? :)

Indomie Kuah w/ opor
Now to the food section, first I'm going to start with some Indomie kuah Opor, I don't know what to say about this but I considered it to be just fine.

Indomie Kuah w/ Chicken Salted Egg & Milk
Now this is DABOMB!! Super delicious.... The salted egg really mix well with the milk and also it has enough portion to make you full.

Indomie Kuah w/ Tom Yum Sauce
This Indomie is considered weird for me, because it has a very sour taste inside of it. Nevertheless it's called the Tom Yum for a reason.

Salted Egg Chicken Rice
It has a delicious taste, a well-cooked chicken and also salted egg. However the portion for the chicken didn't match well with the rice. I mostly considering it to have a larger portion

Indomie Goreng special Iga Penyet
This is also considered DABOMB!! For me I loved Indomie Goreng and it delivers just exactly like I expected and it is go through that level. Two thumbs up for this meal :)

Roti Panggang w/ Special Mixture of 4 Flavour
Taro, Skippy, Nutella, Matcha
Who doesn't love some roti panggang especially when you enjoy it in the middle of the night while having some coffee with friends. Anyway it deliver a delicious roti panggang for that kind of night, top recommended guys

Fried Banana Filled w/ Cheese and Chocolate Sauce
Now this is the kind of food that you didn't wanna take long when snapchatting and instagramming, because it's filled with melted ice cream and you guys might wanna try this because it's super refreshing for a dessert

By the way they also have an ongoing event "Pay as you Like" promo. Therefore needless to say try this restaurant because it is considered best for me an indomie lover. Ciao and see you guys on another review, Byebyeee... :)

Warung Mevvah
Jalan Pantai Indah Kapuk Ruko Cordoba Blok B

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