Hello guys from PANCIOUS!!

So today we are going to review about the newest menu from Pancious. Guess what it is? It's the new summer menu :) So anyhow what is the newest menu from Pancious, here we go!!

Roasted Carrot Soup
The carrots are cooked using the technique of fogging and made into a fragrant soup dish, a bit of cream to add soft texture and savory, crispy croutons

Now this is the main starter for people who loved something savoury and soft, for me the portion is enough and

Green Peas Soup
Peas mixed with mint leaves, in addition to fresh, they also have a different flavor from other soup

A little bit similar to carrot soup, however with green colour. Of course taste delicious too, :)

Pan Seared Duck Breast
With technique of cooking pan seared breast of duck meat, cooked after then marinate for several hours. Served with Chef's Special mashed potatoes, and shimeji mushroom

Now this is considered DABOMB!! the taste and texture of the duck feels super great in my mouth. I always thinking it likes melt in my mouth

Grilled Truffle Chicken
Chicken meat cooked until crisp, glazed with sauce blackpepper mixed with truffle cream gives the sensation that is a little spicy but still with distinctive classy fragrance. Accompanied by a side dish in the form of Pancious ' famous baby potatoes.

Chicken is best to eat when serves with a crispy sauce blackpepper. Now I know for sure, why it is savoury, delicious and also appetizing at the same time :)

Crispy Chicken Burger
Fried Chicken with oriental sauce special like the sweet bulgogi with a slight nutty taste, given a slightly sour coleslaw between two soft bread. Very suitable accompanied with fried potatoes

Simple burger but extraordinary filling. Please do try this course as it is super thrilling.

Okay then that is all Pancious new summer menu that we absolutely loved. I must say that you need to try it sooner guys. Much love to you all and surely stay tune for another post :) Cheers :)

Puri Indah Mall, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

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