Hello from Japan guys!!!

We decided to have a fun time near the mall within our hotel which is in Odaiba. In here because we are very bored, we manage to find some mall and we decided to go in there. It's called AQUACITY Mall Odaiba and to my surprise they have some robotic interface for receptionist. Not just that, they also have another excitement and lots of store (Toys R Us, Disney Shop, etc). However the one that becomes an attraction to the consumer of this mall is the beautiful Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba square.

After some excitement of a rainbow bridge view, we decided to grab some meal while exploring the mall. In fact we found a restaurant which is so crowded at the time, named Yakitori Odori. From the place I knew that it was a food which use a skewer type, therefore I pick a menu which was their favourite.

From here on out, I must say they have incredible taste, the japanese taste really fills me up along the tasting of this cuisine. The point that I love so much is they are very quick in delivering service. Also word of advice if you want some of the menu, i suggest you google a "Japanese ways in ordering at restaurant" because it will help you a lot when ordering something in Japanese.

Yakitori Odori (焼鳥・炙焼をどり アクアシティお台場)
Location  : Japan, 〒135-0091 Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Daiba, 1 Chome−7−1, アクア シティ お 台場 5F
Website   :  r.gnavi.co.jp
Telp         : +81 3-6457-1290
Open       :  11AM–11PM

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