Hello guys and this time our blog will be a little bit different :)

Each week we are going to publish a detailed version of our trip Thailand yesterday. However we are going to summary a bit of our trip to make sure you know what is the place that you need to see in Bangkok and Pattaya mostly.

Our trip started by having a stay in at Novotel platinum hotel. You might recognize this hotel because it is located in the jewel of Bangkok, Praturnam. In here as our past blog stated, there are a large market which is Praturnam market located very near to this place. However in this hotel is also very near to Platinum Mall, which is one of the mall tourist often look upon as it has 5 floors of women clothing and the 6th floor filled with amazing food consist around IDR 30.000-50.000 and of course "Tao Kae Noi" land, the place to buy seaweed that most Indonesian loved :)

Day One
Okay our trip on day one is of course inspecting our hotel site, and our most favourite Praturnam Market. In this place their Thai tea is very most memorable, also the vermicilli soup and chicken porridge. Tips for you travellers, don't forget to look at the most crowded place, Because it will help you to decide which food is the best. 

Then being followed to find a super duper delicious restaurant blend with vietnamese and thailand taste. The names is Tummour, you could find it actually in the Platinum Mall 6th floor. Of course do some lookout on this mall, as it's clothing considered to be very cheap. 

Day Two
This day, we make ourselves comfortable by doing some research near the hotel. Be sure to ask for a map in the lobby hotel, and find yourselves some info about the transportation. 

In Thailand these are the tips for the transportation :
1. TAXIS, There are 2 types of Taxis : With argo meter, or fixed price. If argo, be sure to checkout that the meter is turn on at 35 Baht. If fixed price, try to negotiate for the best price, if it's still expensive get out from the taxi
2. MRT & BTS (Skytrain / Monorail) : Super cheap transportation, you could get it for more lower than 50 Baht per trip. Almost everywhere is connected throught them. You could find the map in the hotel, and be sure to ask the concierge for more information about this. 
3. Tuk-Tuk : Mostly a favourite by the tourist, but beware to negotiate with them because they tend to be more expensive rather than BTS and MRT

After we go thorough on the info about the transportation, we decided to take a BTS to Ratchatewi station. As you can see it is near the most famous Tom Yum restaurant, P'aor which is listed by many travel bloggers as the #1 Tom Yum restaurant in bangkok.

After that we do some circling to Kuang Seafood. I assure you to take this place into one of your itinerary as it is amazing so far.

Day Three
This day we wanted to do some travel to Pattaya. We wanted to visit some place in there, so we decided to use a van as our car.

Tips for you who wanted to travel far away in Thailand :
1. If you are consist of 6-10 people, use van but remember this trick : Tell the car concierge to bargain the best price for you. For my trip, price is :
- VAN : 2,500 Baht (IDR 935.000) Bangkok - Pattaya, Drop off
- VAN : 3,500 Baht (IDR 1,3 Juta) Bangkok - Pattaya, As many stops as you like (Kemana aja biasanya sampe jam 9 malam)
2. Remember not to take the van from official hotel, as the price is skyrocketed it's almost 9000 Baht per trip if using the van from hotel, OMG!!!

In our way to Pattaya, we visited one of the most popular attraction in Thailand, which is Pattaya Floating market. If you ever heard of Running Man, this is the place that they once used for their playground.

After arrived in Pattaya, it's already night and we decided to have a stay in at Discovery Hotel.

Day Four
Now, in here is a bit tricky, because not like Bangkok there is not much market around here. So my best tips is you need to walk a bit further, in Thailand food is everywhere much like Indonesian. The difference is Bangkok has many market than Pattaya. Therefore you just need a bit of walking to find one.

This day we visited Teddy Bear Museum and Trick Eye museum. Full detail we will reviewed it in the next blog. However it is truly amazing and I loved how they created such an art.

Before we go to Bangkok, we visited one of the best seafood restaurant in Pattatya named Mum Aroi, This restaurant is truly amazing, but beware of the ocean wind because it has a magnificent view yet so many wind. 

Day Five
After that visit we decided to go back to Bangkok again to find some interesting place. We decided to visit Chocolate Ville which is super duper amazing. The road is a bit far, and it's not very near from any public transportation. My best bet you need some taxi to go there.

After that we decided to go to Wat Pho. It is a temple that filled with some many artistic and authentic place. You could find a sleeping Budha for a tourist attraction in here,

Day Six
This day we decided to spend time outside our area (which is around Praturnam) and decided to go to Chatuchak Weekend Market. Now if you want to go this place, just take the BTS / Skytrain into Mo Chit station, if you are using a MRT you need to go to Chatuchak Park Station

You will arrive at the heart of the market, and Chatuchak is only open at weekend. Make sure you try their coconut ice cream in here, Fantastic taste!!

After being here all day, we decided to go to some fruit market. Now, now, you could find it very near. Just take the MRT station in Chatuchak (The name in the map is Chatuchak Park) and go down one station to Kamphaeng Phet station. Drop off in here, and you should find yourself in front of the biggest fruit market in Thailand, Or Tor Kor Market.

Day Seven
This is the end of our trip, and we decided to take the Van to Jakarta, as I'm travelling with my families in this trip. My price for a van to the airport is around 1.500 Baht, but if you are a traveller, you should take the railway station that directly goes to airport.

Anyway hope this is useful for you and thank you for reading our blog, and be sure to check another post in Byee and see you guys :)

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