Hello guys and welcome to Shaburi!!

I always fond of Shaburi, in fact I’ve already go to this place around million times *just kidding, a lot of times but not a million*. Anyway I always loved this place, It always feels cozy and relaxing. After that it’s consist lot of food to try in here, and because it’s also all-you-can eat restaurant you would need to pick the best of the best in here. Of course the best one is the shabu-shabu beef.

For the side dish I recommended Gyu beef for starter. It really is great, but I always prefer shabu-shabu beef rather than Gyu beef, because that’s what you came for in Shaburi right?  For the vegetable I love having a spinach and mushroom shitake. I love it so much when it comes to vegetable, and I also loved how they manage to keep them still fresh.

Now let’s go to the menu, there’s two package that you can choose Shabu-Shabu beef and Wagyu Shabu-shabu. However there’s 5 flavour that you can choose which is :
Original Konbu Soup, Chicken Collagen, Hot miso, Sukiyaki, and Soy Milk Miso. However there's also a new flavour called Hinabe soup which is super spicy and healthy

I prefereably recommend Konbu for basic flavour, as you can mix it with some sweet sauce, or ponzu sauce to make it more delicious. Ponzu sauce is much having a sour taste, but if you mix it with some sweet, you will like it. However if you want some sweet sauce, I definitely suggest the sukiyaki flavour because it comes with egg, and mix it to make it delicious.

Anyway there’s the mini review about Shaburi, Hope you enjoyed it because I always love about this restaurant. You should try it too, because you will never know how amazing this was. Thank you and see you on another blog, byebye~~

Mall Puri Indah
(021) 58352257
Open Hour : 10.00-22.00

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