Hello and welcome to Floating Market, A special Thailand Guide!!

This place literally earned a special place to me, because mostly of it's ambience and environment. I don't know why I so attached to this place, but it really amazes me how such a simple lake and a small village could be transfomed into one of the most popular tourist attraction in the world.

If you like Korean TV Show, you would also know well that, It also being featured in the Running Man TV series. Also it is one of the most popular and the best tourist to visit by Trip Advisor, so as you can see you can tell how I loved to come to this place.

The attraction in here is sometimes there a Muay Thai fighter fighting in the pole around the Floating village. Also here there's a lot of food that you can enjoy, but for starter you need to take the Large Boat into the monkey attraction, it is GOLDEN!!! The boat is really funny and unique I must say, it has a wheel to drive on land and it can float in the water. So I really suggest you take it and enjoy their hospitality. Also in the end of your boat journey, there's also Tao Kae Noi Land and also many food to enjoy.

I think that's all my journey in Floating Market, hope you guys like it and see you in the next post, goodbye~

Pattaya Floating Market
Thailand, Pattaya, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150,Thailand
+66 99 013 8122
Open Now:  10.00–23.00

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