Hello guys and welcome to Mum Aroi!! Another guide to Thailand episode!!

Okay now, so if you guys like some seafood and visit Pattaya, do try Mum Aroi. It is one of the best restaurant in seafood around Pattaya. In pattaya is rather tricky because not much public transportation around here. Best bet is using rental car, and try to negotiate with the driver for the best price.

If you like restaurant let's say Bandar Djakarta in Indonesia, is actually quite a same in the food, however the view is considered a magnificet. You could see a horizon of sunset sea and what lies beyond there, truly God's creation is amazing!! Anyhow I've ordered so plenty that I forgot the name, however the taste is truly amazing topped with it's sauce.

Some tips for you : If it's get night, usually it's become so much windy and cold. Best to have a jacket that not making you seasick and well *masuk angin* :)

Mum Aroi
Pattaya, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150,

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