Hello guys and welcome to Praturnam Market!!

This time i'm going to post right now i'm going to post about my amazing trip in Thailand. How wonderful and excitement of all things i'm going to tell about you right now. First of all you need to know that my hotel that I stayed is very near the market, therefore every night and every morning we visit the market very often. Of course in the afternoon because it was very hot we consider to go to the mall because it has also very cheap and affordable clothes.

The first stay we are in Thailand, We are have a stay-in at Indra Regent Hotel, as it has the best location to reach for the Praturnam morning and night market. However if you like shopping rather than culinary, I prefer to go with the Novotel Platinum Hotel, as it's nearest place is Platinum Mall

The morning market and the night market has a bit different in their food stalls. Basically in morning they sold wonton noodle and porridge, and at night they sold such as coconut ice cream (Which is VERY GOOD), The delicious and big shrimp for just only 100 Baht (around Rp. 40.000,- which is very affordable for me).

However their basically has the same food stall which is very good such as the pork in a stick. It is very common to find it in thailand, however it is so delicious and I've eaten almost 10 of them (and still wanted more, wkakakak) also it cost for about 10 baht which is around Rp. 4.000,-. Thailand is mostly filled with a delicious fruit, and they are very popular with the mango. Their mango always has the sweetest taste and therefore they have the Mango with a Sticky Rice which is also the most popular food in Thailand. It looks so simple but I assure you the taste is very different

Mostly Thailand food is basically non-halal (mostly pork). Almost all food stall have a pork in them and it cost around 30 baht for 1 portion of pork. I honestly very much love their taste of pork, and especially their pork knuckle. It's just cost around 100 baht which is SO CHEAP or around Rp. 40.000,-.

For all the girls, clothes is also the main magnet of tourism in Thailand. They have a fixed price therefore sometimes you cannot bargain anymore for the price. However they have a affordable prices as one clothes can just cost around 100 baht - 300 baht which is around 40.000 to 120.000,-. The main mall that I went is MBK Center and Platinum Mall which being dubbed as the heaven for girls (and it really is, 4 floor just for women and it's extremely large).

In this place I also visited they food court, and much to my suprise it also has a very affordable price. For Wonton noodle soup filled with a pork, it just cost around 40 baht which is Rp. 16.000,-. The pork slice is just around 80 baht which is Rp. 32.000,-, and many more for it has around 32 different stores around.

It was very good, and very recommended to get to this place

For more info

Pratu Nam Market
+66 62 460 2563
Open now:  10AM–7PM

The Platinum Fashion Mall
+66 2 121 8000
Open now:  9AM–8PM

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