I guess you might have known this jail-theme-restaurant, yes, Bong Kopitown. Last day, we and some of our friends had a lunch there and one of em asked if we put it on blog. So even it is a little bit mainstream, we decided to put it.

They have so many branches but the one that we were visiting is at Citywalk Sudirman. Could be said that this restaurant was quite crowd at lunch time tho'.

Oh, and if you still don't know, Bong Kopitown is actually owned by Bong Chandra, one of the young motivator in Indonesia. This restaurant somehow adapt the Singaporean-Malaysian-Koptiam-Dish which include sort of Nasi Lemak, Curry Rice, and Teh Tarik. But, they do serve some Indonesian dish too. Moreover, somehow, the dish has a-kind-of-west-borneo-taste (perhaps, the owner is from West Borneo tho)

So here you go with the menu!

Bong Chicken Curry with Rice (IDR 40k)

Oh chicken curry. Who can't resist it tho. For me myself, as I stated before, its taste not so far away from Indonesian tastebud. I did taste a sweet on the soup such like the West-Borneo-Curry-one.

Grandma Porridge (IDR 18k)

Sorry to say but the porridge was just like a regular porridge. But it was still good tho.

Nasi Ayam Kung Pao/Kungpao Chicken Rice (IDR 25k)

A little bit not as much as what I expect. Maybe because (again) it is a-prison-theme-restaurant. Fiuh

Balinese Rice

Attracted by some promotion, we ordered this special of the month menu. And to be honest, if you are a spicy lover, you should try this menu for it isn't friendly enough for me who doesn't love spicy.

So far, if you want to have some quality time or meeting with your friends, this place was quite good tho but mediocre for the food itself.

Bong Kopi Town
Citywalk Sudirman Lt. GF # 15 & 16, Jl. Kh. Mas Mansyur No.121, Karet Tengsin, Tanahabang, Kota Jakarta PusatTanah Abang, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
(021) 25558497
Open now:  10AM–11PM

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