Hello guys and welcome to Sunny Side Up!!

This month they are introducing the new menu, which is super awesome. I always like Sunny Side Up as they have my most favourite food, which is Egg. They can create a magnificent dish from the egg and that's why I always love their cuisine.

Much to my excitement, let's go to the menu

Salmon Redspace - IDR 82K
Sauteed fresh salmon with edamame fried rice, spicy salmon sauce and edamame served on a hotplate

The new hotplate menu, makes me super drooling this time!! It has a salmon which is super awesome and actually I'm an avid fan of seafood. The main core of this dish is the sauce, it's MAGNIFICENT!! The spicy salmon sauce really feels melt in my mouth, and I recommend this dish to salmon lover like me :)

Beef Demi-Glace - IDR 68K
Japanese Beef Hamburg and Edamame fried rice with demi glace sauce served on a hotplate

If you like some beef, it's definitely the perfect dish for you. Actually the portion is also very large, I'm super stuffed eating one of this dish and I love how the hamburg really served well with the Demi Glace Sauce. Much to my opinion try it yourself and give us a comment!!

Steak Donburi - IDR 65K
Tender beef steak and Japanese ami sauce with crispy tanuki and spiced chili

Now, this is the right choice for people who love spicy food. It's really hot and spicy, but they have a delicious beef and it's very tender. I'm not an avid spicy food lover, but I love how they mix the Donburi with some Steak and it still taste delicious.

Beef Patty Curry Omurice - IDR 68K
Beef patty and japanese curry fried rice served with spicy mayo sauce

Their curry is very nice, the mixture and blend of it's sauce really mix well. Much very similar to Japan curry. Also their omurice really mix well with the curry and it's very wellcooked.

Chicken Karaage Salad - IDR 39K
Fresh Lettuce and shimeji mushroom served with chiken karage and shoyu dressing

For people who loves some appetizer, I'm very recommending this menu, the Karage really perfect with the salad also the Shoyu sauce really similar to the one I've tasted in Japan.

Lychee Berry Milk - IDR 34K // Milky Melon - IDR 34K

For people who love some refreshment and also a milk lover,  I present to you the Lychee Berry Milk and Milky Melon. It's really suitable in the condition of weather in Jakarta and the milk keeps us having calcium that we need.

Our Conclusion is this restaurant is very recommended to an egg lover, but I also recommending this restauran to all people as it has many menu that you definitely need to try. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy!! Goodbyee and see you in another post~~

Sunny Side Up - Mall Central Park
Central Park Podomoro City, Jl. Letjen. S. Parman No.28, Tj. Duren Sel
(021) 29201029
Open now:  10:30AM–9PM

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