Hello guys and welcome to Chocolateville!!

Amazing as they say, this is one of the best attraction to visit in Thailand. However the transportation to reach here is a bit difficult. There's no Skytrain or Monorail that passes here, so you need to take TAXI for 1-5 person, or a VAN for 6-10 person. However it is really worth it considering this place is very much unique and blessed lord it is so beautiful. You will feel like going to Europe and it is also filled with so much music from early European style.

In this place if you go a bit further, you could find many tables because this place is not just an attraction place, but also a place to have a fine dining as well. The cuisines is much more western style cuisine and the price is much more expensive than the rest of Thailand trips. Chocolateville is open at 5 P.M till 10 P.M, However I recommend you reach this place on around 5 PM to make sure you get the picture and also the table, otherwise it is so crowded.

A little word of advice : Many mosquito in here at night, I suggest to take some anti mosquito spray first :)

Also one of the magnificent view is also lit up at night. You could see the bright yellow color around this place as it filled up with many european lighting, such a magnificent view. Make sure to get yourself a lot of photo and experience in here.

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Happy hunting guys~

Chocolate Ville
351, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand
+66 83 077 3738
Opens at 5:01 PM until 10 PM

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