Hello guys and welcome to Or Tor Kor Market!! Another Guideline special to Thailand!!

Today we are reviewing about the biggest fruit market in Thailand, named Or Tor Kor Market. It is located in Bangkok, and transportation is very simple to get here. If you happen to close on MRT, just go to the Kamphaeng Phet MRT Stop, and you will be right in front of Or Tor Kor Market. However if you near the Skytrain, use them until Mo Chit stop then transferred to Chatuchak Park MRT to Kamphang Phet MRT.

Easy right? So OR TOR KOR market is very near to Chatuchak Weekend Market. However if you go on walking is still around 15 minutes-20 minutes of walk. Rathen than wasting time, just use some MRT to get right up in the front. However a little tips for you, remember to save up some coins. In the Chatuchak, is really a hell lot of queieing, so my best bet save up that coin to use it up rather than waiting in the cashier to change your money into coin.

Now, now in this Market, you could see a lot of fruit, and also there's a food court around here. If you like some durian, mango, and all sorts of fruit you need to come here. They've got so much best price and if you can negotiate for more, you could get a hell lot cheaper price.

I think that's it for today, really having fun in here and I really assure you Thailand is full of wonders. you could get anything and everything around here with a lot of cheap prices and I loved going here. See you on another post mate byeee~

Or Tor Kor Market
139/4 1, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
+66 2 279 2080
Buka sekarang:  06.00–18.00

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