Hello and welcome to Akira Wanatabe!!

Today is a beautiful day for me, because we tried the best delicacies of Italian cuisine in here. Much to our expectation Akira Wanatabe always deliver the best food for the best time in needs. So much to our happiness, let's go to the menu :)

Fettucine Japanese Mushroom Cream - IDR 98K
Fettucine is always the best italian food I recognized. This italian food by Akira Wanatabe really deliver the best delicacies of freshness inside it.

Pizza with Ruccola and Prosciutto Jambon de Parme - IDR 118K
Pizza, who doesn't love it?? Especially topped with delicious proscutto, fresh rucolla, cherry tomatoes and also a flavourful of cheese, Heaven!!

Parpadelle Cream Sauce Pasta with Salmon and Brocolli - IDR 108K
Super delicious fettucine filled with assorted japanese mushroom and also maitane, king oyster, champignon and shimeji. Super lucricous and savoury at the same time

Needless to say. I've been here twice and blog about this restaurant twice and it's considered to be one of the best italian restaurant I've known. Also you are very recommended to get to this restaurant because you might never know what you will encounter :)

AW Kitchen
Plaza Senayan Level P4, CP 409, Jl. Asia Afrika No.8, Plaza Senayan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
(021) 57906071
Opens at 11:00 AM

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