Hello guys and welcome to Holy Ribs!!

So basically it is the same group with the awesome Holy Cow Steakhouse by Chef Afit!! It's one of my top list restaurant to come and definitely worth to try for guys who like some red meat in the house. Anyway I've come to try this ribs restaurant and I also considered it is the best ribs in Town.

So here is the reason.....

Combo Backribs - IDR 258K
U.S Meat 900gr + Roasted Chicken Leg 200gr + Spiral Chicken Sausage 100gr + 2 Side Dish (Coleslaw + French Fries / Mashed Potato)

HOW'S THAT SOUND!!! That portion I've eaten is considered for two person, but I considered it's almost for FOUR person. We ate with this portion until we're so fulled and need to take away the remaining. It's really considered for me affordable price, and of course the taste is FREAKING awesome.

One of the main things is they treated their consumer with so much respect. For example, I arrived at this restaurant before it was open. The employee was already in the front of the restaurant, however I've loved how they treated me as a customer with so much respect and not so much to just shoved me.

Anyway I do like this restaurant so much, it is considered as the best restaurant when it comes to ribs. Therefore enjoy it guys and see you on another post, Bye~~

The Holyribs
Jalan Panglima Polim 5 No.21, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
Opens at 11:00 AM

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