KFC - Cheesy Chicken Vs. Crispy Chicken #WhoWillWin

Hot and Cheesy Chicken of KFC has been so famous lately, but is it better that their crispy one? take a look!

Hot and Cheesy Chicken

I basically has tried it for like three times before write this review. For just making sure that this chicken makes me addicted. take a peek!

They do have some package with cheese cream float, rice and one pieces of chicken for like 30k-ish (the price might different due different places). Unfortunately, you cannot order any other package (such as Super Besar 2 or anything) with this chicken. A little bit different treat than KFC Grilled Chicken or Red Hot Crispy.

For the float itself, well.. It somehow good, and this drink taste like sea-salt-drink that I always order at my favorite Taiwanese Tea place tho'. While the chicken, I do think that it was nice at first but ended up with me to feel surfeit.

Moreover, I guess all the package combination just not-right. Somehow this chicken will be more suitable to eat this with french fries instead of rice and I believe soda will make things better.

Hot Cripsy Chicken

Hot Crispy Chicken is actually the all-time-Indonesian-favorite (as you cannot find this product in other country as it just specialized for Indonesia only). This chicken has crispy skin with flavorful and tender meat.

I can say that this chicken is lovable as Indonesian love spicy food too much. Not to mention that KFC had also launched Red Hot Crispy Chicken (the more-spicy-chicken-one) twice in January 2015 and June 2016.

So who is the winner? Basically it depends.on what's your favorite. We both agreed that we love Hot and Cheese the most (but not with their package, please) but to be honest, Hot and Cheese Chicken cannot make us as addicted as the crispy one.

Mall Taman Palem
(021) 54351809
Closed.  Opens at 10:00 AM
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