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Actually Seorae is one of the korean restaurant that I've always visit in Jakarta. This is because it has a ton of delicious delicacies and I mention to like most of them. The thing is I always forgot to blog about it.

The restaurant that I always visited is on Pantai Indah Kapuk. Today we are reviewing the place which is in Alam Sutera. The main interesting thing, is this restaurant has recently being the place for shooting "Descendant of The Sun". This is one of the most popular TV Series in Korea, and therefore Seorae has many promo regarding this TV Series. It even have a mural of the TV Series in this outlet outdoor.

Woosamgyeop - IDR 139.800
Best part of beef, thinly sliced and marinated with our special fruity sauce

I love korean grill, it has a delicious sauce to try and the grill mixture is considered one of the best menu that I've tasted. Nevertheless this is the one dish that you need absolutely try.

Dwaeji Bulgogi - IDR 59.800
Sliced Pork mixed with special sauce and served over hotplate for smoky flavour

The kind of menu that I've loved. How their beef being wraped as to have smoky flavour from it's special sauce. Top of the best when it comes to Bulgogi.

Honey Garlic Wings - IDR 38.000
Juicy Chicken wings deep fried then doused with special sweet sauce

If you like some chicken wings order some from this restaurant. I love how they wrapped till it's inside into the garlic wings. Love it so much!!

Sundubu Jigae - IDR 58.800
Soup served in hot pot, Spicy soft tofu stew mixed with minced pork, fresh vegetable, and eggs

Literally super best things that happen to me, I love how they manage to draw a perfectly placed Jigae and sure it is lovely

Anyway this restaurant is considered to be great, and I absolutely like it. Many times I have visited this restaurant and I do like it actually. Therefore it is one of the most right choice for Korean BBQ. Thank you so much for reading and we'll see you in the next post, Byeeee~~

Seorae Korean Grill
Flavor Bliss Extension 3A Jalan Alam Sutra Utama Pakulonan Serpong Utara, Pakulonan, Serpong Utara, Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15325
(021) 29005055
Open now:  9AM–10PM

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