Hello guys and welcome to Teddy Bear Museum!! A special guide in Thailand!!

You could find it near the Discovery hotel, and for the transportation I suggest you take a rental car, and negotiate with the driver. It's because transportation is not very common around here, and usually if you prefer taxi it will come with much more expensive price.

As for the ticket adult price is 500 Baht, meanwhile child is 300 baht. Inside there are many section to look upon.

1. The Inca Section that mainly shows teddy bears climbing up the distinctive stepped pyramids and arthictetural from Inca itself

2. The Dinosaur Section that mainly features magnificent dinosaurus which many photograph zone while being cuddled by stuffed bears.

3. The Fossil Section jumps back to the present day and shows the descendants of the dino-cuddlers excavating the relics of the past.

4. The Tribal Section features tribal hunts-bears wielding spears.

5. The Thailand Section shows some of the nation’s Thailand ancient culture and architecture

6. The Under-the-Sea Section sees bears in scuba gear – which comes close to beating the spear-wielding bears for weirdness – and features a pair of giant mer-bears.

7. The Eskimo Section is where the polar teddies are cosy and warm in their winter jackets.

8. Santa Section at the Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya seamlessly carries on the snowy theme from the Eskimo Zone,e.

10. The Fairytale Section is where the museum goes on all out with it's small collection of slides for the young kids.

11. China Section features the biggest bear in the museum – a three-metre-long giant panda which purportedly took four people to lift into position.

12. The Europe Section finishes the whole experience off with big bears in traditional dress amongst the continent’s many famous landmarks.

That's all for today and be sure to read our another blog, leave us a comment and we'll see you at the next post, byeee~

Teddy Bear Museum
Pattaya, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand
+66 38 411 285
Buka pukul 09.00

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