Hello guys and welcome to Wat Pho!! Another special edition of Thailand Guide!!

Here today we are looking at one of the most wondrous place in Thailand, it is extraordinary gorgeous, I love the landscape of the temple and most important how they manage to keep it restored for generation.

The buddhist religion in Thailand is very strong considering many people like to bow down to the buddha statue even in the corner of the street. However one of the interesting things in this place is the statue of large buddha with such a sleeping pose. It couldn't fit into my camera therefore I couldn't take a picture of it.

Here you could get in to the temple for free, but for going in inside the large buddha you need to buy a ticket for 100 Baht. Also inside you could also get some fresh mineral water free of charge.

Anyway hope you guys like about this temple, and also take as many picture as you like outside and even inside. It's truly amazing how they manage to preserve this kind of architectural. Much love to Thailand and see you guys on the next post!!

Wat Pho
2 Sanamchai Road, Grand Palace Subdistrict, Pranakorn District, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
+66 2 225 9595

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