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Diarymakan is a food blogger team consist of two people, Ryan and Kannethly. We really love about food and that's why we really love to share it with all of you here. All of comments are based on our experience which (we know) somehow different, but we promise to deliver objective food review for you guys!


Say Hi to Ryan Haryanto!
Hello, my name is Ryan Haryanto - Ryan, for short. No, I am not having a relation with a racer with the same last name (but I hope so LOL). I was born in Jakarta, 24 June 1995 as a youngest. My family loves to travel and so do I. With those chances, I start to learn about photography, especially in Landscape Photography. But as I am still in college, travelling will cost a lot and I have no time for sort of stuff (God there's a lot of projects await!), so I prefer to capture food (for I also love to eat and I realize that I am into food rather than travelling ; or to be clearer I love to travel to find foods). As I realize my new calling, I think that might be I could have some channel to share about my passion and the blog surely will be a good choice.

Hello from Kannethly Garry!
Hi guys! How do you do? my name is Kannethly Garry. I am a girl (please remember that tho LOL). I was born in Jakarta, December 17, 1995. Currently I am a student at private university in Jakarta majoring Marketing Communication. I'm kind of a writer, has published several books but dream to have my own restaurant or do something in culinary-world. Thus, writing for food will be good, I believe. Within this writing and sharing, I can learn about food better and yes, that makes me love food even more.

About this blog itself
A blog that created for just fun. Combine the two hobbies, we made this blog and hope all people enjoy. Actually Diary Makan itself is taken from RYan and KANnethly as in diaRY and maKAN.
this blog is purely our diary of culinary adventure. So, we are apologising for sort of newbie-ness, grammatical error or spelling error LOL

This blog was written by Kannethly Garry while the photo was taken by Ryan Haryanto.

If you have any comments, restaurant recommendation or anything you want to say, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Email :

Enjoy! :)


-Ryan & Kannethly-

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